Reason software by Propellerheads has become a widely used program by many artist, producers, engineers, and composers, all around the world. It’s ability to use as many sound modules as your computer can handle, without taking up a lot of CPU has made it one of most powerful music production tools in recent times. Learn to use it as a stand-alone system with it’s built-in sequencer, or a sub-system for other music software such as Pro Tools, or just as a rack of great MIDI sound modules.

The Reason Studio Workshop will show you the different steps start, create and produce your music. From the basics through the advanced in depth use of Reason. Tips and technques used by many to make it sound the best it can with other software programs. Our Reason Studio Workshop allows no more than 2 students per class so education is personal and everyone gets a workstation to themselves. A great learning experience is what we're all about. So if you've ever thought of really learning Reason this is where you do it.


"I wanted to thank Oscure for teaching me so much in reason school.  Not only do you get hands on help and feedback but lessons cover every topic and challenge that could arrise when making your tracks.  He is extremely patient and will help you get the job done.  The school is very organized and is set up in lessons that challenge you and keep you busy.  All that I learned would have taken me a year to learn in a book.  Im so excited that I can now begin to make my own tracks with ease and determination. Thank you Oscar and thank you reason school for all your help!!!..."'
- Sara Feld :)

"Reason School is great and it's very affordable. As a previous Audio Teacher(LARW), I highly suggest this for anyone that wants to learn Reason. Oscure knows how to show you the way into this program."

- Nirpal Tiwana (Audio Engineer)


" Reasonschool. com was monumental in my initial development of music production knowledge. It provided indispensable tools, vital to my creative proficiency with all Digital Audio Workstation Systems."

Tony Martinez
myspace. com/totigerus

Waves Certification Program Level 1 is now available at Reason School.



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